New Film Documenting our 2021 SHAPE Collaborative Community Conversation Event Process

A Critical Reflection Resource for Meaningful Community Engagement

In June 2021, the #UofGEngage Forum, held a virtual community conversation in collaboration with the West of Scotland Regional Equality Council, the Scottish Refugee Council, Active Inquiry, the Scottish Community Development Centre, community activists, campaigners, and facilitators, as well as researchers from GCPH and UofG.

The purpose was to bring people together from across sectors and hierarchies to talk about what meaningful collaboration that shares power is, why we need to work together for post-pandemic recovery, and how this can be done.

Read the blog about the event
Watch a recording of the event

Throughout the event development, we worked with Steven Black from Brand Calibre to document our collaborative journey. We hoped to produce a film that could be used to support others to work through some of the critical questions and considerations needed for meaningful community engagement: How do we value different types of knowledge? Listening to people’s stories but to what end? What do we do with the power we have?

We cover themes such as inequalities, invited and uninvited participation, power and influence and systems change. The film also looks at techniques and tools for power sharing when facilitating dialogue.

Watch the 30-minute film

The film is also embedded in a new collaborative, open access course hosted by the University of Glasgow: Community Engagement: An Exploration.


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